There are so many things happening behind the scenes with what basketball will look like after this pandemic. And getting out of lockdown... well, that's the first step! The truth is, we are unlikely to return to competition this side of christmas. 


As a club we pride ourselves on putting our community first and that will be the approach to our re-open.

The restart of the local competition (Round 1 Feb 13) will be geared around the Winter 2021 season age grouping in the table below. Winter season traditionally runs Term 2 and then Term 3. The proposed approach will see a 'Summer Slam' competition run for 6 weeks in term 1, and then the Winter season commence at the start of term 2..















We have appointed our own club level COVID19 Compliance Officer (Kaye) who will be working to ensure that all teams are operating inside the requirements of the governing bodies to keep our members safe.

The league is looking to get our members back on court in a safe and measured way and we are excited to get into the evolution of that ! 

There will also be a new registration process (Basketball Victoria endorsed). This will require a new approach to the way players are attached to clubs, teams and also how they are insured. The new model will see players required to manage their insurance through Basketball Victoria's 'Annual License Fee' The details on how that works are available through the below link.

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