Titans was initially started up by the Kotros family in the late 90's. When they handed it over to Hannah Lowe late in 2006, there were barely 20 teams. and most of those were Under 14s and above. Today there are more than 150 teams ranging from Under 9s all the way to Under 23s (both boys and girls teams).

The club tries to manage the needs of the individual with the opportunity to grade to appropriate levels (up or down) and also for groups to remain together as peer based teams. Community level sport is about building new friendships, strengthening old ones and of course learning all those great life lessons sports can teach you along the way.... Oh, and Basketball too!


The short & less than satisfactory answer is, 'sort of'.

We cater to the needs of the individual.

Groups often join together to play together. That is very easy to arrange and maintain. However, should an individual in the group want a change, Titans has the ability to cater for that (grading up or down as required, or maybe to play with different friends!).

If you want to join as an individual or a small group, Titans can also cater for that by merging your group with another with similar experience/ability.

Grading, although important is not forced. Primarily our focus is that our members are learning and having fun at whatever level is going to make that happen for them!