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By registering for Titans Junior BasketbalL 

- Registered players, coaches and team managers are obliged to follow the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct terms and conditions of participation at all times. 

- Any withdrawal of a member after the closing registration date will result in a minimum $50 fee. 

- Any withdrawal from a team once the season has commenced with result in a $50 fee plus $20 for each round (including byes) that has passed up until the withdrawal notification date.

- Forfeit fines are set at a league level. The structure of those fines is as follows (and is to be paid by the team them selves):

- More than 24 hours notice = no extra fee on top of pre paid team sheet

- Less than 24 hours notice = $80 fee on top of the pre paid team sheet.

- No notice given = $120 fee on top of the pre paid team sheet.



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